Constitution of the China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification

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    Chapter I.General Provisions

  Article 1:The subject organization shall be founded and operated as the"China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification,"(CCPPR).
  Article 2:The CCPPR,a national,non-profit organization with independent corporation status,shall be composed of people from all walks of life who share a common and collective goal:The national reunification of China.
  Article 3:The CCPPR s creation and founding phi- losophy arises from the patriotic drive to unite in cause all Chinese people everywhere who support a peaceful national reunification,a civil exchange of communications across the Taiwan Strait and a concerted opposition to separatist movements;such as the socalled"Taiwan Independence,""Two Chinas"and"One China,One Taiwan."
  Article 4:The CCPPR shall in total abide by the Constitution,laws and regulations of the People sRepublic of China.
  Article 5:The CCPPR shall be headquartered in Beijing,China.

  Chapter II.Missions

  Article 6:CCPPR Primary Missions:
  (1)On China s mainland,within the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region,the Macao Special
Administrative Region,and Taiwan,CCPPR will mobilize and nurture broad-based cooperation among
individuals and organizations that similarly support the precepts of The Article 3 Objectives.
  (2)CCPPR will promote constructive commu- nications by and between individuals and
organizations in business,trade,culture,education, science,technology,academia,journalism,
publishing,sports,the arts and tourism.CCPPR will cultivate and foster broader understanding and greater friendship among Chinese people on both banks of the Taiwan Strait.
  (3)CCPPR will establish contacts and enhance com- munications with law-abiding organizations similarly promoting The Article 3 Objectives within the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region,the Macao Special Administrative Region,Taiwan andforeign countries.
  (4)CCPPR will promote a greater grasp of the reunification issue within government and among the general public at home and abroad by executing a comprehensive awareness program,primarily centered upon the successful publication of Reunification Forum magazine.

  Chapter III.Directors

  Article 7:The CCPPR Board of Directors.
  Article 8:Members of the Board of Directors shall:
  (1)Uphold the constitution of the CCPPR;
  (2)Actively support and promote the reunification cause of China;
  (3)Have the will to join the council;
  (4)Possess and maintain some measure of social influence.
  Article 9:Procedures for joining the Board of Directors:
  (1)Two or more members of CCPPR s Board of  Directors(or an otherwise acceptable organization)shall recommend and nominate an individual for membership;
  (2)The nominee shall complete an official application for membership and submit that document and any supporting documentation to the Standing Board of Directors for appraisal and approval;
  (3)If approved,the council shall issue a certification to the new board member.
  Article 10:Directors shall have the following responsi- bilities and rights:
  (1)The right to vote and the right to be elected to a post within the council;
  (2)The right to participate in the council activities;
  (3)The priority right of enjoying the services of the council;
  (4)The right to constructively criticize,advise and otherwise oversee and direct the work and operations of the council;
  (5)The right to resign from the Board of Directors and the CCPPR.
  Article 11:Directors shall be obligated to:
  (1)Carry out the resolutions of the council;
  (2)Maintain the legal rights and interests of the council;

   (3)Fulfill the tasks assigned by the council;
  (4)Regularly report and supply relevant data to the council.
  Article 12:Any director who elects to resign his or her post shall do so in writing,submitting notice to the standing board and return to the board his or her Director Certification.
  Article 13:For any ethical lapse,violation of any provi- sion of the CCPPR Constitution,or for any reason whatsoever,any director may be dismissed if so voted by the Standing Board of Directors.
  Article 14:The council shall appoint CCPPR honorary- ranked personnel.

  Charpter IV. Organizational  Structure,Election and Recall of the Leaders

  Article 15:The council shall appoint one president,an executive vice president,a secretary-general,an executive deputy secretary-general,vice presidents and deputy secretaries-general as required.
  Article 16:The Directors Assembly shall serve as the supreme body of power with authority to:
  (1)Institute,enforce and,if necessary,revise the constitution;
  (2)Without limitation and at its collective discretion, elect,appoint and,if necessary,dismiss any officer, appointee or staff member,official and/or honorary;
  (3)Confer as to any report issued to,or to be issued by, the Board of Directors;
  (4)Confer as to terminations;
  (5)Confer as to any other important matter.
  Article 17:No Directors Assembly shall take place,nor any vote or action taken,unless one-half(50%)or more of its members are present.Resolutions shall be deemed officially approved when two-thirds or more of directors at attendance vote to so approve.
  Article 18:Members of the Board of Directors shall be elected to a term of five(5)years and an assembly shall be held during each term.Any earlier termination or extension,due to special conditions,shall be approved by a vote of the Standing Board of Directors and/or byvalid vote issued by member correspondence.Extension periods shall not exceed one year.
  Article 19:The council shall appoint a Standing Board of Directors,which shall determine which matters shall be put before the Board of Directors for consideration in between the directors’assemblies.The Standing Board of Directors shall consist of a president,vice presidents, a secretary-general and other standing directors.
  Article 20:The Standing Board of Directors shall have the responsibility and power to perform the following functions:
  (1)Carry out the resolutions of the Directors Assembly;
  (2)Examine and approve annual work summaries and planning;
  (3)Convene the Directors Assembly;
  (4)Engage consultants,appoint and dismiss directors and approve changes in directors resulting from professional transfers or other causes;
  (5)Determine the establishment of offices,special committees,institutions and industrial organizations;
  (6)Determine the engagement of deputy secretaries- general and major committee leaders;
  (7)Elect the president,vice presidents,secretary-general, and standing directors of the council,if necessary,and engage or dismiss the honorary president;
  (8)Determine action and finalize decisions on any mat-ter officially put before it.
  Article 21:No assembly of the Standing Board of Direc- tors shall take place,nor any vote or action taken,unless one-half(50%)or more of its members are present.A resolution shall be deemed officially approved when two-thirds or more of directors at attendance vote to so approve resolution.Standing directors not able to attend any assembly for valid cause shall have the right to express his or her view in written form.
  Article 22:The assembly of the Standing Board of Directors shall take place once during each 12-month period,or more frequently if such action is so approved.Under special circumstances,meetings and voting may be carried out by correspondence between the members.
  Article 23:The Council President shall have the respon- sibility and power to perform the following functions:

  (1)Manage the work of the Standing Board of Directors; convene and preside over the assembly of the Standing Board of Directors;
  (2)Evaluate and monitor resolutions of the Directors Assembly and performance thereto;
  (3)Execute by personal signature documents on behalf of the CCPPR;
  (4)Effect decisions on matters deemed within his or her authority;
  (5)Empower the executive vice president to perform the functions and powers of president.
  Article 24:The secretary-general serves as the lega representative of the council and shall not serve in a similar capacity for any other organization.
  Article 25:The secretary-general shall have the respon- sibility and power to perform the following functions:
  (1)Direct the routine business of executive institutions organize the implementation of annual work plan;
  (2)On all issues of relevance,report to the executive vice president,vice president(s)and the Standing Board of Directors;
  (3)Coordinate the works of the special committees representative institutions and industrial bodies under and within the operational periphery of CCPPR;
  (4)Nominate primary administrators for offices,special committees,representative institutions,and industrial bodies and submit candidates to the Standing Board of Directors for approval;
  (5)Direct,implement and carry out other actions and duties as required;
  (6)Empower the executive deputy secretary-general to perform the functions and powers of secretary-general

  Chapter V.Principles on Asset Management and Use

  Article 26:The sources of the CCPPR operating capital shall include:
  (1)Donations from individuals and groups at home and abroad;
  (2)The Peaceful Reunification Foundation;
  (3)Other legal,legitimate and ethical sources.
  Article 27:The council s funds shall be expended onCCPPR operations as stipulated in this constitution,and otherwise for special projects according to the specifica- tions of the respective donor.
  Article 28:The council shall implement a strict financial administrative system to guarantee legal,genuine,accurate and complete maintenance of financial records and supporting documentation.
  Article 29:The council shall employ only professional, credential accounting personnel.No accountant shall act as cashier.Accounting employees shall implement full and formal account checking and supervision systems.If an accounting employee is transferred elsewhere or resigns,he or she shall complete all necessary formalities requisite to briefing the accountant assuming his or her former post.
  Article 30:When managing CCPPR assets,the council shall follow financial administrative systems implemented by the state and shall be subject to the supervision of the financial department of its superior organization and auditing agencies.
  Article 31:Before the beginning of a new term of its Board of Directors or the change of its legal representative, the council shall submit to financial auditing organized by the registration administration and its superior organization.
  Article 32:No officer,office or individual shall misap- propriate or embezzle CCPPR assets.
  Article 33:Standards of CCPPR personnel salaries, insurance and welfare treatment shall be subject to relevant state regulations.

  Chapter VI.Revision Procedure of the Constitution

  Article 34:Any proposed revision of the constitution shall be examined by the Standing Board of Directors then submitted to the Director Assembly for vote and approval.
  Article 35:Any revision of the constitution shall take effect within 15 days after collective approval by the Director Assembly,the examination of the superior organization and the endorsement of the registration administration.

   Chapter VII.Termination Proce- dure and Post-Termination Asset Disposal

  Article 36:Upon the council fulfilling its ultimate task, dismissing itself,or canceling its business due to separation,amalgamation,or other reason,the Standing Board of Directors shall propose a motion of termination to the Director Assembly for vote and issue a report to the council s superior organization for examination and approval.
  Article 37:To settle all debts,claims,or obligations, before its termination,the council shall establish a liquidation team pursuant the guidance of its superior organi-zation and relevant agencies.Any activity not required pursuant liquidation shall not be undertaken during the liquidation period.
  Article 38:The council shall terminate after conclusion of the write-off procedure at registration administration.
  Article 39:In accordance with state regulations,any residual funds remaining after termination shall be used for the development of undertakings according to the principle of the council,under the supervision of its superior organization and registration administration.

  Chapter VIII.Supplementary Pro- visions

  Article 40:This Constitution was approved by valid vote at the Seventh Directors Assembly of the China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunifi- cation on September 27,2004.
  Article 41:The interpretation right of the Constitution shall be held by the CCPPR s Standing Board of Directors.
  Article 42:This Constitution shall take effect upon the date it is endorsed by the registration and management department for social organizations under the Ministry of Civil Affairs.




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